Unlock your devices’ earning potential

Your customers spend good money to purchase your energy devices. Help them make it a no-brainer by increasing the earnings they generate.

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25,000 rates · 3,000 utilities · 150 VPPs · 7 energy markets

One platform

Location matters

The economics of a battery installed in a mansion in Palo Alto, CA are very different from those of a bungalow in Nantucket, MA. Maximizing the value created by the battery means taking into account not only how the house itself consumes energy, but how the grid around it operates and what opportunities might arise from it. Providing this level of device intelligence is our goal at Flip.

Access VPPs Nationwide

Support for VPPs is a must-have for battery and inverter sales, but integrating with each program is a huge burden. Flip provides a single interface to access all programs across the US, reducing integrations to just one. What’s more, we help you build a fully integrated experience you control through your existing homeowner app.

Our platform

A central hub for smart energy

Our API empowers you to instantly integrate various data streams into your devices, so you can help your customers achieve their energy goals. Build customized experiences under your own brand and deepen your relationship with your users.

Virtual Power Plants
Automate participation in VPP and Demand Response programs to earn revenue and save money, with access to all US aggregators from a single interface.
External data feeds
Utility tariffs, weather, wholesale prices, third-party devices... Integrate with any data source, and add forecasting and transformation capabilities.
Savings algorithms
Mix and match optimization strategies (time-of-use, self-consumption, wholesale markets) depending on opportunities available to customers while keeping resilience in mind.
No cloud? No problem!
Connect your devices directly to our IoT cloud platform, ready for remote monitoring and control. Use it to power your own mobile app or integrate with third-party services.

Our customers and partners

Who is it for?


Concentrate on what you do best—creating top-quality hardware—while Flip accelerates your market entry. Our platform empowers your devices with advanced smart capabilities and connectivity, enabling you to offer a comprehensive energy solution without the software development and operations overhead.

VPP Operators

Add value to your utility customers and their retail customers by adding support for more devices. Streamline device partner onboarding and management, and focus on the bigger picture while Flip takes care of the details.

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Our strengths

Why use Flip?

Go Live Faster.
Launch your smart devices quickly with our ready-to-use cloud backend.
Scale Effortlessly.
We'll grow with you, from your 1st live device to your 1,000,000th.
Branded Experience.
Maintain your brand’s identity and trust by integrating our backend seamlessly.
Strong Security.
Benefit from our advanced, constantly updated security measures.
Pick and choose the solutions you use depending on your needs.
Stay Up to Date.
We help you keep up with the latest energy programs and standards.

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