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Our platform

A central hub for VPPs

Support for VPPs is all but required today, but integration is a huge burden. Software and grid services might not be your primary expertise, and your engineering team might already be stretched thin. In the meantime, your customers and prospects are demanding more and more from their devices, and you might be losing sales.

Flip's platform is designed to make it easy for developers to add new features that help generate income for energy companies and their customers by allowing smart devices to participate in VPPs. We empower busy dev teams to free up resources and focus on building truly differentiating experiences, while we take care of the rest.

A unified interface

Simplify participation in VPP and Demand Response programs

Start supporting residential battery VPPs in weeks, not years. We remove the complexity of integrating with multiple aggregators and utilities, and turn all interactions, from enrollment to dispatch to payments, into simple API calls.

30+ programs under one API.
Did you know that there are over 150 VPPs in the US? Becoming compatible with each of them is a looonng process. With our platform, integrate once, and you’re done! We’re always working to add new programs. Is there one you’ve got your eyes on but we don’t support yet? Simply ask us and we’ll add it, at no cost to you.
Simplified enrollments.
No more silly forms to fill in and process. We help you create beautiful user experiences directly into your mobile app, so you can delight customers and leave manual operations behind.
Purpose-built for VPPs...
Unlike others, we’re laser-focused on enabling VPPs. As such, our API is ready for any VPP-related use case. That includes fast telemetry, granular device control, and more.
...with an eye on the big picture.
We understand that device owners, whether they be individuals or businesses, don’t just want to participate in VPPs; they want to lower their bills. Our software can take into account other optimization strategies such as self-consumption (for NEM 3) or time-of-use, and make device-level arbitrage decisions to prioritize customer savings.

Streamlined operations

Automate the complexity of VPPs

Icebergs are a good metaphor for VPPs: most of the work is hidden under the surface.

No manual processes.
This is the last time you email a CSV. In addition to enrollments, we take care of device onboarding, reporting, and more.
Payments to end-users.
Some programs pay end-users directly. For those that don’t, managing and sending incentives to customers is a huge pain. Flip takes care of it for you. Want to do rev share? No problem.
Simplified technical features.
While seamingly simple, features like grouping and scheduling, which are crucial to running VPPs, are actually quite complex. Those are some of the features that our platform abstracts away for you.

Build you own

Customize to meet your business case

While utility programs work for most, sometimes your business case might call for building your own VPP. We can help.

Enroll any kind of device and control them as one, or in groups. The hive mind will have nothing over you.
Set your own triggers.
Everybody’s use case is different. Whether you want to control your devices manually or set triggers based on some data feed, we have you covered. By default, we support wholesale prices as well as utility tariffs.
Stepping stone to greatness.
Build your infrastructure on top of ours. Stream out your data, build bespoke interfaces, create custom controls... easily assemble features that help you truly differentiate. The choice is yours!

Our customers and partners

Who is it for?


Concentrate on what you do best—creating top-quality hardware—while Flip accelerates your market entry. Our platform empowers your devices with advanced smart capabilities, enabling you to offer VPPs to all your customers without the software development and operations overhead.

Third Party Owners

Maximize the value of your energy assets by participating in energy markets and programs. Flip simplifies the process of aggregating and dispatching your devices, and ensures you get paid accurately and on time.

Retail Electric Providers

Differentiate your energy offerings with VPPs and energy services. Flip’s platform enables you to offer your customers new ways to save money, while helping you arbitrage the highs and lows of the wholesale market.


“We’ve been impressed at how straightforward Flip has made it for companies like Bluetti to add VPP support into their devices. We’re planning to expand fast over the US, and Flip’s help will be instrumental.”

Philip Fischer
Director of Business Development

Developers First

Do more with less

Our platform is designed to make it easy for developers to build and deploy new features. We provide the tools and documentation you need to get started quickly.

Comprehensive documentation.
We've got you covered with detailed guides and examples, including pre-made wireframes and UI flows.
Sandbox environment.
Test your integrations in a safe environment before going live.
Our platform is built with scale and security in mind. We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on building great features.

import flip from 'flip-sdk'

const App = () => {
  const user = await fetchUser()
  const site = await{ id: user.siteId })
  const events = await{ type: 'UPCOMING' })

  return (
      <h1>VPP events</h1>
      { => (
        <div key={}>
            {event.isParticipating ?
              'Participating' :

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