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Towards a carbon-free future

Hi there! Like many of you, we're concerned about our planet and want to do our part for a better climate. We think the key to a cleaner future is achieving 100% carbon-free energy, and we believe distributed energy can be a real game-changer. But, let's be honest – it's not that simple.

The legacy power grid was designed for an age where centralized power stations were the norm, and now confronts the complexities of modern energy demands and distribution. As we integrate solar arrays, smart homes, and battery storage, the grid must evolve from a rigid structure to a dynamic, responsive network.

Flip stands at the forefront of this evolution. Our goal is to enable energy companies to harness the full potential of distributed energy, creating a bidirectional flow of power and information that benefits both providers and consumers. We provide the tools and technology to seamlessly integrate DERs, ensuring they become valuable assets to the grid and to your business model.

Together, we can flip the narrative, transforming every home and business into a proactive energy participant. Flip's technology is not just about connecting points on a grid; it's about paving the way for a cleaner, smarter energy landscape.

So join us on this journey, as we work together to create a greener and more empowered future for all.

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  • Ben Larralde

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Vit Prajzler

    Co-Founder / CTO

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